Taylor Grill

Two-Sided Cooking made Easier, Faster, Smarter & Safer…all at the touch of a button!

Modular; customize the cook surface size & number of upper platens. Requires a smaller footprint than flat grill cooking. Totally automatic; reduced labor requirements. Reduces product waste.

Faster; Cooks both sides of the product simultaneously.. Cooks the product 2/3 faster than traditional flat grills. Cooking speed eliminates the need to hold product before serving.

Smarter; Solid state controls are intuitive and east to operate. Customizable to personalize to your menu. Expandable to grown with your future offers. Self diagnostic to easily correct problems.

Safer; Provided consistent temperatures across the entire cook surface. Automatically applies the exact pressure to the product to assure consistent product temperatures.

Why Trust Taylor for Grills?

Perfectly cooks food 66% faster – Cooks fresh 4 oz burgers in 60 seconds.