Space$aver Team

Why Team Space$aver?

The Space$aver combi team is a double-stacked performance oven that can be placed anywhere!

Offering the versatility of two separate cabinets on one integrated platform, the Team Space$aver is 22 inches wide with a built-in hood that lets you save on dedicated ventilation for frying and baking.

While traditional stacked ovens require separate power sources, ventilation and control locations, the Team Space$aver’s one-piece construction allows for easy installation, use and service.

Simplicity of cooking;
Two independent controls are at eye level, providing step-by-step cooking instructions for both cooking chambers.

Cooking flexibility;
The integrated hood serving two units allows installation anywhere in the kitchen.
Extraction of smoke, grease and odors thanks to a powerful 4-level filtration system with 2 ventilation speeds.

Cooking efficiency;
Front access is convenient for replacing filters and servicing 75% of components.
There is more menu and cooking efficiency thanks to the two independent cooking chambers.