All Services for the Continued Profitability of your Dairy Bar or Restaurant

No matter what your business is —a dairy bar, snack bar, restaurant, or cafeteria— broken equipment or defective part means lost sales. Fortunately, Bazinet Taylor has what it takes to prevent or resolve such situations very quickly, 365 days a year.

Whether it’s for repair, parts replacement, or technical support, Bazinet Taylor offers a first-class after-sales service, unmatched in the industry. In addition, our constant monitoring of new products ensures you won’t miss any.

Employees and Managers Training

Do your new employees need to learn how to use your equipment? Have you just upgraded your equipment and need a hand to understand how it works?

Our team offers comprehensive training to help you train your employees and use your new equipment. We also provide training to managers for hygiene and food safety control.

  • Training of kitchen teams
  • Training of facility managers
  • Course for dairy bar owners

Other Bazinet Taylor Services

  • Installation, calibration and start-up of equipment
  • Performance reports of your devices
  • Electronic invoicing and access to the history of our interventions at your location
  • Seasonal maintenance and inspections


Bazinet Taylor only sells certified original parts from the manufacturer. These parts maintain the optimal operation of your equipment, which helps increasing their useful life and increasing your profits.

The use of non-certified parts represents a significant risk. In particular, the manufacturer’s warranty may be voided. The use of non-compliant parts can also cause serious damage to equipment and lead to costly repairs. For your peace of mind and to ensure the best return on investment for your establishment, choose Bazinet Taylor!

Bazinet Taylor Automatic Service Parts Program

Through this program, you will receive service parts according to the manufacturer’s recommended schedule. Following this schedule will help you keep equipment running without downtime and avoid costly repairs while achieving quality results. For more information: 1 888 829-5672.

  • Quality and guaranteed equipment
  • Certified original parts from the manufacturer and warranties
  • Emergency line 1 888 829-5672 for 24-hour service
  • 21 trucks on the road each carrying over $45,000 in parts
  • 21 certified and factory-trained experts in refrigeration and gas

Does Your Equipment Require Urgent Intervention?

Service 7/7, 365/365 at 1 888 829-5672.