Resfab Yogurt Maker 920

Height: 28″ (71.2 cm)
Width: 16.5″ (44.9 cm)
Depth: 24″ (61 cm)

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Product Description

Ergonomic Arm:
The arm’s ergonomic design makes blending incredibly simple.

Heavy Duty construction:
All of the internal working parts are made of stainless steel and are designed to last, with spring washer spacers to reduce friction. In contrast to those constructed of aluminium, which need to be replaced frequently, our system is built to survive for many years.

Best Auger:
Our auger is made from a solid stainless steel cylinder that is then precisely cut to ensure the ideal balance. Compared to cast augers, which are porous and harbour bacteria, it has a smooth finish that makes cleaning easier and is considerably more hygienic.

High Quality Bearings:
To ensure dependability, the cone carrier incorporates linear bearings made of industrial Teflon. Unlike a brass sleeve that needs daily lubrication and eventually wears out after a few years, these superior industrial-grade bearings will endure forever without needing to be lubricated.

Sanitation Prioritized:
The sanitation is crucial. To prevent rust and to reduce wear and tear on our components, we have created a special bearing housing that covers all mechanical elements. In order to make it easier to rinse between batches, a twin jet rinse system is also included into the bearing housing.

Unique Rinse Valve Design:
Unlike an electric valve that will need to be changed more frequently owing to sporadic contact with water, our special mechanical rinse valve, created by Resfab’s Engineering Team, is built to last.

Safety Features:

  • When the front panel is removed, an incorporated water-proof Safety (“Kill”) Switch stops power to the device, preventing the possibility of serious harm.
  • The primary electrical box is watertight and totally enclosed. To prevent any risk of harm or damage due to an electric shock brought on by water seeping into the box, all wires that pass through it are tightly sealed with a rubber grommet.

Anti-splashing Water-tray:
When washing between batches, our newly created water-tray was specifically made to prevent water splashing on the counter.

High Quality Control:
Every item undergoes a thorough Quality Control process, which includes a high voltage dielectric test to ensure that all connections are strong and secure. A label is stamped to approve the unit for packaging authorization after a QC data sheet is completed for each unit and used to trace equipment.