Perfect Temperer

6 pans
8 pans
12 pans
18 pans
Dimensions w/d/h (in)
24.25″ (w) 14.25″ (d) 12.13″ +1  (h)
29.25″ (w) 14.25″ (d) 12.13″ +1  (h)
29.25″ (w) 20″ (d) 12.13″ +1  (h)
40.75″ (w) 20″ (d) 12.13″ +1  (h)

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Designed to be used with real chocolate, our model ensures that your ice creams are coated with a constant and uniform quality. Available in multiple capacities (6.8, 12, or 16 tubs) and different sizes, so you can choose the dip bar that’s perfect for your needs.


  • Air tempering system, heated by electric elements
  • 1.9 L (2 US qt) capacity
  • Fuji Electric Adjustable Dual Display Digital Thermostat
  • RTD temperature sensor
  • Prevention temperature reader
  • Removable trays for a quick change of chocolate
  • Made with materials approved for food production (stainless steel)
  • Stainless steel lids with slot for utensils
  • Tanks removable without tools for quick and easy cleaning
  • Possibility to install our model on top of a counter or integrate it into it
Additional information

Additional information


Perfect Choco