Henny Penny Counter Display Warmer HCW-8

Height                  32.75 in (832 mm)
Width                  96.00 in (2438 mm)
Depth                   29.75 in (756 mm)

Upper Tier : 3 sheet pans lengthwise
Lower Tier : 5 sheet pans lengthwise



  • Full length water reservoir with automatic or manual fill
  • Water temperature display and control
  • Fully insulated cabinet
  • Two water well strip heaters.
  • Long-lasting sheath radiant heaters provide direct overhead heating in both tiers.
  • Features humidified operation
  • Separate controls for upper heat, lower heat, water-temperature.
  • Scratch-resistant acrylic sliding or flip-up doors
  • Drain tube prevents water well Overflow
  • Durable welded stainless steel construction
Additional information

Additional information


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