Henny Penny Combi Oven FPDE-115-615

Dimensions :

Height       66.93 in (1700 mm)

Width        39.25 in (997 mm)

Depth        31.50 in (799 mm)


Top Level / 6 pans

  • 6 full-size 2.5 in (65 mm) steam table pans crosswise
  • 6 FlexiRack pans and grids
  • 2 standard 6-chicken grids crosswise, 12 chickens per load
  • 4 half-size FlexiRack 6-chicken grids, 2 per rail, 24 chickens per load

Lower level / 10 pans

  • 10 full-size 2.5 in (65 mm) steam table pans crosswise
  • 10 FlexiRack pans and grids
  • 3 standard 6-chicken grids crosswise, 18 chickens per load
  • 6 half-size FlexiRack 6-chicken grids, 2 per rail, 36 chickens per load

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Features Team

  • Two separate cooking environments in one integrated unit
    ▪ 6 levels of pan in the top unit
    ▪ 10 levels of pan in the lower unit
    ▪ Separate power supply for each cabinet
  • Two high-resolution 7-inch capacitive touchscreens

Standard features

  • Four cooking modes: Steaming—Moist heat 86-266°F (30-130°C) Low and high temperature steaming, Convection cooking—Dry heat 86-572°F (30-300°C) electric 86-482°F (30-250°C) gas, Combination—Dry + moist heat 86-482°F (30-250°C), Rethermalizing—Dry + moist heat 86-356°F (30-180°C)
  • Chef’s Touch Control System features a durable 7-inch high-resolution touch screen with full-color touch/swipe display, up to 350 custom cooking programs, and time-saving apps for cooking, serving convenience, cleaning, diagnostics, and more
  • Popular Chef’s Touch apps include PerfectHold (switches to hold mode after cooking), Time-to-Serve (coordinates cook times), Family Mix (shows items that can be prepared together), GreenInside (tracks water/energy usage) and CombiDoctor (self-diagnostics)
  • Powerful DynaSteam2 precision boilerless steam generation distributes moisture instantly and evenly throughout cooking area while saving energy with built-in heat transfer component
  • Boilerless steam generation means a smaller footprint, less down time and no expensive deliming
  • ClimaSelect control sets and maintains humidity levels at 10% increments for precise cooking
  • WaveClean automatic cleaning sanitizes to HACCP standards using 36% less water and simple 2-in-1 clean and rinse aide cartridge
  • Large 5-speed auto-reverse fan powered by a high-efficiency motor disperses heat and moisture evenly throughout the cabinet at all times for fast cooking and consistent results
  • Crosswise racking for better ergonomics
  • FlexiRack models accept FlexiRack pans for up to 100% increased cooking capacity
  • Retractable spray hose for quick rinsing
  • Choice of Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature and language displayed for operations and service diagnostics
  • Probe cooking with core temperature probe — optional multi-point temperature probe for precision probe cooking control
  • Removable pan rack with tilt-resistant rails
  • Filterless grease extraction
  • 316S11 stainless steel interior cabinet with coved corners
  • 1 mm stainless steel exterior
  • Full perimeter door seal
  • Energy-efficient triple-pane glass
  • Delayed start and preheat/cool down button
  • USB port for convenient download of programs, diagnostic messages or HACCP data
Additional information

Additional information


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