Franke semi-automatic coffee machine S700

Dimensions :

Height          32.7 in (812.8 mm)

Width           13.58 in (340 mm)

Depth       23.62 in (600 mm)

Recommended daily yield:
Cups per day: up to 250

Technical Sheet



Innovation becomes an invitation

You want to create memorable and individualized experiences for your customers while providing the highest in-cup-quality? The S700 is the answer. It merges the convenience and intelligence of a fully automatic machine with the passion and creativity of a two-step machine. With its ground breaking iQFlow™ technology and three-boiler system to meet all your steam and foam requirements, our S700 is here to help baristas unleash their full creative potential. So if you’re looking for the best mix of human creativity, coffee competence, passion and advanced coffee machine technology, turn to the S700.


S700 Features

  • Rear bean hoppers: 1 × 4.4lbs, lockable
  • Front bean hopper: 1 x 1.3 lbs, lockable
  • 8-inch Touch Screen
  • Autosteam Pro (S3) Steam Wand
  • iQFlow™
  • Manual dispensing outlet
  • Three boilers system

Exceptional flavor extraction

Our ground-breaking iQFlow™ technology gives you access to more flavors from beans, more refining to individual taste and complete consistency in every cup.

Iced coffee delights

Expand your coffee offerings with our delicious iced coffee option. Serve the freshly-brewed chilled coffee on its own or combine it with milk for a refreshing experience.

Barista-approved steam wands

Take control of your milk foaming and match your customers’ needs with our steam wand options. All come with an integrated temperature sensor to create delicious and creamy textures for your coffee-based drinks.

Effortless to use

The intuitive 8-inch touch display enables your team to optimize their working process, their productivity, and the quality of their coffee creations.

Additional information

Additional information