Franke automatic coffee machine A800 Fresh Brew

Dimensions :

Height         29.52 po (750 mm)

Width           13.58 po (340 mm)

Depth       23.62 po (600 mm)

Recommended daily yield:
Cups per day: up to 250

Technical Sheet



A Better Bean-to-Cup Solution

Hundreds of different coffee orders, each and every one made to the same high standard is easy with the A800 Fresh Brew. The A800 Fresh Brew, bean-to-cup solution was designed to produce every cup of coffee brewed to order, meaning better taste, less waste. With the ability to use up to 3 different bean types and choose hot or iced, everyone gets the coffee they enjoy most.

A800 Fresh Brew Features

  • 2 rear hoppers – 2 x 2,6 lb, lockable
  • 1 front hopper – 1 x 1,3 lb, lockable
  • Automated height-adjustable combined water and coffee outlet
  • Intuitive 10.4” touch screen
  • Video Capability
  • iQFlow™ technology
  • EasyClean (EC) : Automatic cleaning system — perfect hygiene in just a few steps.
  • Adjustable 4” stainless steel feet
  • Cup sensor
  • 9” cup clearance

Programmable technology

It’s easy to customize our Cold Water Bypass. You can program the technology to add cold water at the same time as the coffee/espresso is made (for shorter beverage prep time), or before or after. You can also program the amount of water that bypasses the coffee/espresso.

Quick cooling

No need to worry about ice melting. Our technology adds cool ambient water (95-98°F) from an incoming water source to quickly cool beverages – for the perfect temperature in every cup.

Effortless to use

Our intuitive 10.4-inch touch screen and best-in-class user interface allow your customers to quickly find and easily order their coffee of choice. In addition, the advanced system gives you the ability to change drink menus and run seasonal promotions without the need for site visits.


iQFlow™ is an innovative Franke technology that revolutionizes the traditional espresso extraction concept. It extracts more flavor under constant pressure throughout the entire extraction time than previous systems. It enables you to design your individual taste profile. Each pre-set taste profile is consis-tent and ensured in real-time.iQFlow™ opens up the space to create an entirely new coffee experience.

Additional information

Additional information