Franke automatic coffee machine A1000

Dimensions :

Height          32.7 in (812.8 mm)

Width           13.58 in (340 mm)

Depth       23.62 in (600 mm)

Recommended daily yield:
Cups per day: up to 300

Technical Sheet



The ultimate customization

The A1000 can deliver a large variety of espresso beverages and with integrated features like the FoamMaster™ and iQFlow™, the options are endless. And with the optional Flavor Station you have six flavors to choose from. The 10.4” intuitive and configurable touch screen also guarantees full flexibility, making the A1000 a state-of-the-art coffee machine that can always be relied on, no matter how many coffees you deliver in a day.
On the operational side of things, the integrated and fully automatic CleanMaster™ means your machine is guaranteed to meet the strictest hygiene standards, while our outstanding design allows the A1000 to
blend perfectly with your surroundings or act as an inviting focal point.


A1000 Features

  • Bean hoppers: 2 x 2.6 lbs, lockable
  • Powder dosing systems (chocolate/chai): 2 x 2.6 lbs. (approx. wt.), lockable
  • Cups sensor
  • iQFlow™
  • Automatic height-adjusting dispensing outlet

Milk and Cleaning Systems

  • FoamMaster™ (FM) : hot and cold milk and milk foam, individually adjustable consistency, integrated cleaning system
  • CleanMaster (CM) : fully automatic cleaning system with integrated cleaning cartridge and integrated cleaning tank
  • CM provides outstanding hygiene and unbeatable simplicity, efficiency and convenience
  • Side Fridge capacity: 2 x 1 gallons

Flavor Station

  • Automatic dosing station for up to six flavors
Additional information

Additional information