Open Fryer

Henny Penny open fryers are the most reliable and efficient in the restaurant industry. Whole or divided tank, automatic or manual, large or small capacity, configure your fryer according to your menu and your needs, it’s possible.

More cooking using less energy and less oil. The rapid recovery of energy and the ease and speed of filtration allow you to save oil while remaining productive. The integrated filtration system allows you to filter one tank while cooking takes place in the other.

Independent tests have shown that Henny Penny’s 320 Series open fryers return to a constant temperature in seconds. No matter what product you’re cooking, you get more cooking per hour. This saves time, money and electricity. In addition, with a stable temperature and frequent filtration, you save oil.

Henny Penny commercial fryers give operators enough choices to increase their productivity as well as their turnover.
From management to cooking: Henny Penny has built two electronic control models that ensure ease of use with the features you want and according to your needs.

The Computron 8000 with automatic component, programmable menu, energy saving, filtration and cooking management functions.
The Computron 1000 with instant digital control on LED screen.

Join thousands of satisfied restaurant owners by trusting Henny Penny.