Introducing the F5


Here’s what stands out about the latest in low oil volume frying technology:

New Touch Screen;

The controls are one of the first differences you’ll notice when comparing the Evolution Elite to the F5! Instead of a control board with buttons and timers, the F5 features a kitchen-proof touch-and-swipe touchscreen interface.

It works like a smartphone screen, so it responds exclusively to human touch. The durable touchscreen is 4mm thick and has been thoroughly tested to withstand the rigors of modern restaurant kitchens.

Simpler To Use;
The intuitive touchscreen was specifically designed to make things easier for the user. It utilizes an icon and picture-based layout to replace multiple buttons and extended text strings found on the Evolution Elite controls.

Employees can easily access built-in help guides like the one below to walk them through routine procedures with step-by-step visual instructions. This context-based help allows both new and experienced users to move through standard processes at their own pace.

With intuitive smartphone-like controls and built-in help, the F5 provides a revolutionary way to simplify the training process and onboard new crew members faster than ever.

Faster Filtering;
The F5 offers the fastest oil filtration on the market at just 3 minutes! Not only does a new, powerful filter pump system enable faster filtering, it also resists clogging.

The Evolution Elite’s 4-minute filtration cycle, while impressive, is 25% (an entire minute) slower than F5. When you’re in a busy commercial kitchen, time is money. A significantly faster filter means that operators are more likely to initiate a filter even during their busiest times, increasing both oil life and product quality.

And, like the Evolution Elite, the F5 is ENERGY STAR®-rated, meaning proven efficiency, lower energy costs, and potential rebates.

Easier to Clean & Maintain;
We know that restaurant operators want to focus on serving customers, not servicing equipment. That’s why we built the F5 to eliminate the frustration that comes with excessive cleaning, difficult maintenance, and costly service.

The F5’s sleek, smooth design isn’t just for looks. This thoughtful, intentional design means there are more smooth surfaces for easy cleaning – and less cracks and crevices for oil/crumbs to collect. For example, while the Evolution Elite had straight edges, the F5 features rounded corners that are much easier to wipe down and keep clean.

The new filter pump system not only powers faster filtering, but it also washes away crumbs and debris from hard-to-reach corners during the filter cycle. This reduces the need for manual fry pot cleaning and removes the need for brush work with every filtration cycle.

Plus, the built-in help guides are thoughtfully designed to lead users through the cooking, filtering, and cleaning processes. They give guidance as required, and error codes come with descriptions and possible solutions, helping to avoid downtime and unnecessary service calls.

Ready for Connectivity;
With both the Evolution Elite and the F5, operators can use a USB to pull key stats and programming, operational, and service data. However, the F5 is built to allow for a seamless transition to wireless connectivity in the future. This means people will be able to view the same information remotely instead of physically pulling a USB from the fryer. It also allows the fryers to receive over-the-air software updates that can add features and improve performance.

Eventually, data will flow directly from the fryer to a cloud-based platform where store operators, restaurant group managers, distributors, service techs, and the manufacturer can access it in real time. That’s all part of the Internet of Things (IoT) and what’s next for intelligent connected kitchen solutions at Henny Penny.

Years ago, the Evolution Elite revolutionized the way we fry. Today, the F5 is setting a new standard for low oil volume frying through simple efficiency. Switching to a low oil volume fryer can save operators thousands in maintenance and oil costs while elevating food quality and consistency at the same time.

One of our distributor experts would be happy to conduct a frying program analysis and professionally assess your answers to help you find the equipment and processes that are best for your frying program.

source: https://www.hennypenny.com/whats-new-about-f5-our-latest-low-oil-volume-fryer/