Bazinet Taylor Is a Proud Partner in the Success of Dairy Bars, Restaurants and Cafeterias

What Sets Us Apart from Our Competitors  

If Bazinet Taylor is a reference, a leader in its field in Québec, it is first because of the exceptional variety of equipment we sell: ice cream makers, combination ovens, grills, fryers, coffee machines, etc.

Bazinet Taylor also stands out for the excellence of its ongoing after-sales service and, consequently, the people who provide it.

Come and visit us and you will immediately notice what characterizes our employees: their passion for their job and for work well done, as well as their great competence. All of them have been trained in the factories of the brands we represent.

That’s why they love working at Bazinet Taylor, and it shows in their smiles! They also like to anticipate clients’ needs, whether they are a multinational fast-food chain or a small snack bar. For us, there is no small or large client, only satisfied clients!

We are also proud
of our complete offer:

sales, installation and calibration of equipment, training of your employees, maintenance, repairs, and parts replacement. This gives our clients peace of mind and allows them to focus on what they do best: serving their clients!

Finally, Bazinet Taylor is known for its efficient logistics, with numerous trucks on the road, as well as for recording the performance of the equipment sold and all our interventions. This data, which reflects our commitment to continuous improvement, is available upon request.

1954 Year of foundation
800 Available products
2000 Clients
45 Employees
21 Service trucks
3 Exclusive brands

Short Story of a Major Food Equipment Supplier

Bazinet Taylor’s beginnings are closely linked to the Ahuntsic-Cartierville region and start modestly. In 1954, Joseph Bazinet founded Taylor Freezemaster of Quebec Registered in his home’s basement in Saint-Joseph de Bordeaux. Later, to give more room to his growing business, he moved it to Letellier Street.

In 1965, Taylor Freezemaster of Quebec Registered became Bazinet Inc. The company continues to grow, hence two other moves, first on Louvain Street, then to its present location on Bourg Street in Ville Saint-Laurent.

In 1984, Joseph Bazinet sold the company to the Kappus brothers, and it changed its name to Bazinet Taylor Ltd. In 1992, Normand Chevanelle became a shareholder with the Kappus brothers and, since August 2000, Gestion Normand Chevanelle is the sole owner.

Since 1954, Bazinet Taylor has remained faithful to its mission: to assist its clients in achieving their goals by offering them top quality products and services. Thus, we have become proud partners in our clients’ business success, as evidenced by their testimonials of appreciation.

What They Say About Us

Client testimonials such as these … we could just eat them up! They reflect the excellence of our equipment, our services, and our people.

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